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Commonly asked questions by every Upwork aspirants: Why is my Upwork profile gets rejected? How to get an Upwork profile approved even if it has been rejected previously?

Since Upwork is the #1 freelancing site, it is a good starting point for freelancers looking for home-based jobs. Although, it is also common to get rejected from this platform. Many freelancers had trouble getting their Upwork profile approved for many reasons. So, how do you get your Upwork profile approved?

There’s no trick and magic in getting a quick approval of your Upwork account. In this guide, you will learn the strategies on how to get your profile approved quickly.

How to create Upwork profile 

Using valid email address

Freelancers and even companies have valid email addresses. This is the way how contractors will get in touch with you. 

There are two ways on how to register on Upwork, by using corporate email like for example, or by using a Gmail account.

It is vital for freelancers to have a website or blog. Because having a website or blog has many advantages. But, the key benefit is you can have your professional email address It helps to jump-start your reputation on Upwork.

But if you don’t own corporate email, worry not. You can still use Gmail as an alternative. 

From the above image, if you’re going to use Gmail, you need to click the “Continue with Google” button. Then the magic will start there.

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Once logged using gmail, you will see this information box.

Filling out the basic information on your profile

To finish registration and get the approval of your profile, you need to specify basic data during registration. You can change and add more information in the future if you want.


The first step to complete is to supply or to choose your specialization. For example, my primary expertise is “search engine marketing “. Then choose the best category that will support your primary set expertise.


Additionally, you should specify your skills. Upwork will automatically suggest skills that are related to your expertise. Check at least 5 to 10 skills or more. 

Experience level

Experience level (Entry/Intermediate/ Expert) is related to the level of payment. Upwork recommends clients pay up to $ 15 per hour for freelancers with Entry level, from $ 15 to $ 30 – with an Intermediate level, from $ 30 and above for Expert. I would not recommend you choosing an Entry-level, because clients often associate this level with poor quality of work. Choosing between Intermediate and Expert levels depends on your confidence in your skills.

After choosing the experience level, you will be asked to upload your resume and supply the following LinkedIn account, website URL, and other URLs to support your profile. 


Add Education and Employment History. At least one option in each. In education, it is better to specify university (if it is not in the drop-down list, then just type in its name as text). If you did not study at any university then indicate your school instead. Describe the name of the educational institution, year of study, and degree, which you must select from the drop-down list.

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Describe only related to your current Upwork profile specialization work experience:

Company name in English
City and Country;
Position and role of your business in the company
Years of work;

In the description, you can add technologies and projects you participated in. But at this stage, you can skip this.


And finally, you need to choose your English skill. It is very easy to confirm an even fluent level of English because interviewers often do not know English well. I would not recommend choosing the Basic level, because clients think “Basic – don’t know English at all”, anyway this choice depends on your self-confidence: if you are not ready to communicate with clients through video/audio chats, then it’s better not to put the fluent level of English.

Hourly rate

You can choose an hourly rate depends on the work experience (Entry – up to $15 / Intermediate $15 – $30 / Expert from $30). But I don’t recommend you to choose less than $15 per hour because a lot of clients don’t work with low-rated freelancers. If you’re a beginner, you can set it to $7.

Professional overview

It is an essential part of an Upwork profile. Make this professional as short as possible but enticing too. The overview allows 5000 characters about the services you offer. Often freelancers add the bare minimum which is 300 characters.

Profile photo

Make sure to use a professional shot and should be of a minimum of 250 x 250 in dimensions. Clear, front face, visible like mine. No group photos and side photos are allowed, in this case, your profile can be rejected straight away.

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Finally, you need to provide information about your location. Please write not fake and existing addresses in an English letter. It is not required at this step but could be asked to confirm your address in the future. In order to indicate the city, in the first column we write the region, and in the second – city itself. If you suddenly do not know your address zip code, then it’s time to take your mind off the computer and go to the nearest post office or search it on the Internet, of course.

Phone number

The last column is the phone number. It’s better to specify a real one so it will be easier to restore access to your account in an unexpected situation.

Click on “Review Application & Submit “. Congratulations, this is the end of the registration. But you cannot start working right now, you should wait until your account will be approved. You will be notified by email. Usually approving takes 24 hours.

Why is Upwork Rejecting Profiles?

Upwork rejects new applications if the profile of freelancers isn’t adding any value to the Upwork marketplace.

Here is a forum reply on the Upwork official community giving clear reasons why the profile isn’t approved for a user in the past.

So if your profile gets rejected, it means you are trying to be yet another freelancer with similar expertise. So you need to make sure your profile is unique and will stand out from other freelancers.

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