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Real estate brokers are everywhere, and the same goes for real estate resellers. The demands in acquiring houses are quite high, thus making the real estate market saturated. Now the question is how are you going to stand out from the rest of them? You may have wondered how your “for sale” houses are going to sell. Of course, as a broker or reseller, you may have tried different methods to sell properties to the market but failed to sell it fast. To make matters a little worse, your co-real estate broker may also sell properties, which adds to your frustration given the competition involved, especially when co-real estate broker selling is utmost. 

So, let us discuss some “top secret” home-sale marketing techniques. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy reading the following tips on how to outsell your co-real estate brokers, brokers, and top real estate resellers. 

3 Top Secret Techniques for Your Real Estate Marketing

Have a Standing SEO-Friendly Website

The Internet is widely used nowadays. About 80% of consumers use the Internet to search for products and services they need before they purchase. Google is among the top search engine used by a variety of users. Imagine your site ranks no. 1 and it is on the first page of Google search, increasing your possibility of generating higher income by about 65%. Not bad, right? But remember, you will not rank in Google if you have a dull website. So what should you do to achieve such success? Well, you should invest in building a fantastic website that will capture Google’s attention in order for you to achieve your main goal to have to get more inquiries and sales. 

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Note: In acquiring a website, you will have to spend several bucks. In my case, I have spent around $100.00 for an entire year for my website, which also included around $125 worth of online advertising. Those figures bring you to my next marketing idea

Online Advertising (Google Ads + Facebook Ads)

Facebook and Google also have this feature called geotagging. Geotagging allows you to target individuals by cities, states, and countries for your potential clients. This is what I did – I used geotagging to target individuals who lived only in Los Angeles CA, between the ages of 28 and higher who want to move from the city (higher crime, drugs, and rough living) to Cook County, Illinois, which is a safer place. So far, here are the figures involved:  $.21 per click and 60 clicks in a day = about $12.60. 

Google Adwords – So what is this Google Adwords? Remember that I mentioned that Google is the top search engine? Yes, Google Adwords is like those TV commercials, only cheaper. Once you have run a campaign in Google Adwords, the possibility of generating n% of sales is pretty much high. Indeed, it is really a wise decision to run a campaign in Google Adwords.

Facebook Advertising – Let me guess, do you own a Facebook account? Perhaps your neighbor, your friends, your family network, and several other people on this planet also have a Facebook account. That may also include the guy who can be your next client. Why not target those Facebook users? In fact, you can actually send them directly to the dedicated website you created in technique number 1! Did you know that you can now promote your website on Facebook for only $7.00? Why not try it for yourself and see how effective Facebook Ads are? 

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Provide Clients with the Buying Checklist

Providing the potential buyer with the checklist enables you to give them a special impression. The buyer will put some value to this since you are providing them the details that they really want to know. So what should be the content of your checklist?

  • Neighborhoods – Most buyers view properties during the daytime. During this time, however, the majority of the neighborhoods are either at work or in school. To obtain a true evaluation of the neighborhoods, consider driving or walking at night or do some neighbor visits during weekends when most of the people are at home. Through this, you may discover the attitude of the neighborhoods – mothers, fathers, and children. You can also share your experience with potential buyers.
  • Exterior Features – Even though the housing inspection contractor should identify any problems with the property, potential buyers should conduct their own inspection. To begin, walk around the property from the outside. Does the roof need replacing? Are pieces of the vinyl siding missing? Does the porch or deck need replacing? Are there cracks in the bricks? Is the backyard fenced?
  • Utilities and Fees – Some homebuyers never inquire about approximate utility payments, condo fees, taxes, and so forth. However, if you are thinking of buying a particular home, I recommended that you obtain those kinds of information. In that way, you can have a rough estimation of the total monthly expenses associated with the property.

Bonus: Computation, computation, and computation

Every time there is a potential client, I always provide the pricing of the uptake properties. In selling, calculating, and adding all the potential fees and costs involved, I should always factor in the price of the home and one’s offer price. Such helps offset the upfront expense with a quicker accumulation of capital or equity in the home, in addition to reducing the overall cost.

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Sometimes it will take extra effort to get a potential buyer to act. Of course, everybody in the real estate world wants to sell and you want to sell your handled properties faster by making your offer more attractive. 

What I have discussed above is not exactly science, but rather an art that fluidly changes with each experiment. So play around with those techniques and enjoy doing all the stuff needed. Let me know if those techniques work for you!

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